Sunday, February 13, 2011

A New Chapter

Most of you know that this blog began as a class requirement--the place where I put my various posts involving various topics such as the properties of water or photosynthesis.

I've been looking around the edublogosphere more and more lately, commenting on various blogs and trying to share my ideas. However, this means more and more people have been coming to my blog--and I'll be honest: I don't currently feel that this blog has enough substance to warrant this attention.

So, I know announce a new chapter in the life of this blog. It will continue to play host to my musings on biology, but those posts will probably be far less frequent than those concerning my outlook on education in today's society. I hope to be able to provide something to the debate most of the edubloggers cannot--the student's perspective on what happens within schools.

In addition, the URL of this blog will change to

on Wednesday, so if you would like to continue receiving my posts (and I think they're about to become much more interesting!), I'm afraid you will have to resubscribe after this change is made. I simply wanted to give everyone ample warning before officially changing it.

To be honest, I'm a little nervous about this change. So many edubloggers are so knowledgeable and experienced that I can't help but feel like an uninitiated upstart that will only end up seeming somewhat naive. I hope that you will be willing to bear with me and hope that we can all learn from this experience. 

So begins the new chapter of Education from the Student's Perspective.

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