Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here Come the Biology Posts!

Just a heads up for everyone who reads this blog for the education perspective: Over the course of today, I will be releasing a slew of posts whose purpose is simply to show my (hopefully!) developing knowledge on the subject of genetics.

Mr. Ludwig and I had a little discussion about whether or not I should spin Education off into an entirely new blog or not. We bounced back and forth on the sides for a while, with him starting off by promoting a new blog, converting me, but then he switched back to keeping them all on the same blog. His justification was that by maintaining one blog, I could keep my studenthood in the forefront of my readers' minds--which, after all, is what this is all about, right?

This raises an interesting question: What am I doing here? Can I really provide an unbiased picture of what education is like for the student, or will I simply become a parrot, repeating what everyone else has already said? After all, my instinct is always to empathize with a teacher, and I can't really see myself actively criticizing someone whom I have no knowledge of.

I'll be back with more later today, but for now...biology! 

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