Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three Reasons I Hate Grading

Reason 1.

I am tired of overhearing statements like:

"I don't like the teacher, but I love the worksheets."
"That class is an easy A."

Reason 2.

A grade can (huge emphasis on "can") show how much of a curriculum you've mastered. But what happens when you get rid of the curriculum?

Reason 3.

Grades have become all school is about. If we removed the current idea of a "grade," then we could get down to actually learning things.


  1. Nice post.  I teach at a school without grades, and I've been writing a bit about it recently.  I'd love your comments there.

    [Grades]: Some personal history
    [Grades]: More recent experiences
    [Grades]: BS and Photocopies

    Thanks again!